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Notice of the Office of the Department of Ecology and Environment of Guangdong Province on the issuance of the "Guidelines for the Preparation of Emergency Response Plans for Environmental Incidents in Enterprises and Institutions in Guangdong Province (Trial)" - Yue Huan Ban[2020]51 In Checklist

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Environment Management
  • Releases, Emergencies, Disasters

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17 Aug, 2020
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17 Aug, 2020

Guangdong Environmental Office (2020) No. 51 Eco-environmental bureaus at the prefecture level and listed: In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of environmental emergencies, standardize the preparation of emergency plans for environmental emergencies in enterprises and institutions, strengthen environmental emergency preparedness, and respond to environmental emergencies in a scientific, orderly and efficient manner, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s...

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