NimonikApp helps you achieve Comprehensive Compliance. Nimonik believes that modern organisations can operate efficiently and satisfy their customers without violations, spills, product recalls or worker injuries.

Nimonik can help you build a compliance program that captures all of your obligations across your issues (environmental, product,...) and across sources (regulatory, standards, corporate, customers). NimonikApp offers three core Modules:

1. Obligations

  • Build a Compliance Obligations / Legal Register for 400 jurisdictions around the world
  • Track regulations, laws and standards for changes
  • Add your Obligations from corporate, permitting, stakeholders, and other documents

2. Actions

  • Receive actions when regulations, laws and standards change
  • Issue Corrective Actions and Effectiveness Assessments
  • Plan reporting and renewal actions for your Obligations

3. Audits

  • Mobile audit tools on iOS and Android
  • Audit your Obligations - regulatory compliance and voluntary obligations
  • Roll-up audit reports for management and tracking purposes

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